06. September - 15. November 2019

Das Buch der Blumen

Ambigüedades. 162x162 cm.

Ambigüedades. 162x162 cm.

The book of flowers

Vernissage: 06. September: 18-21 clock

Duration: 06. September - 15. November

For the third time and until mid-November, the Galerie 100 Kubik presents in an individual exhibition works by the only Catalan artist Joanpere Massana (* 1968, Ponts). Paintings and sculptural objects are exhibited, in which he gives great importance to the surfaces, the skin of the works.

Massana is a multidisciplinary artist. But, above all, he is known for being a poet. His images and objects are visual poems in which he tells everything he wants to convey to the viewer in a subtle and complex moment. He uses a personal vocabulary that he developed and enriched during his career. His entire personal world is told through the elements present in his paintings and the sensitivity that characterizes them.

His abstract and breathing works are Mediterranean. They impress with their bright and friendly colors and their unique, inexhaustible and symbolic vocabulary of shapes.

However, his collage-like images and drawings arise from a significant writing system and open up an infinite potential for reading opportunities to the viewer.

The textures and materials of the works emphasize the depth of the terrain of the image, from which the signs seem to emerge at the same time and in which they sink again, as if they were buried in the sand.

Massana processes the materials and texture of the image in such a way that they remain visible, appear pure and original, and emphasize their own value. By establishing color as matter and the haptic texture of the images, Massana manages to create her works as fertile and breathable fields from which characters and writing emerge vigorously and germinate. All signs are related to each other and still have their own place in the composition.

And all these elements come together infinitely to tell stories and intertwine to form the surface of the painting, which gives great significance to the skin of the work. In this skin lies the originality of the artist. A hard or sometimes soft skin, with three-dimensional elements that give it volume. The artist directs all the elements as an orchestra conductor, the musicians to a harmonious work, full of contrasts and power. They, like nature itself, seem to undergo constant changes: full of possibilities, of arising and disappearing.

The themes of his work are in the areas that concern the artist: from the environment and nature to the values ??of man, sadness and joy, the transience of time and transience, stability and instability, fears and the conquests, childhood and Memory, of Mediterranean tradition and culture.

Joanpere Massana was educated in Barcelona and is a professor at the University of Art and Design of Tárrega. He has exhibited in several Catalan museums and galleries throughout Europe: in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and especially in Italy. His works are represented in numerous private collections.