June-September 2021.



Joanpere Massana.

Mas Blanch i Jové winery

June-September 2021.

Joanpere Massana presents at the Cellers Mas Blanch i Jové the project: "Dialogues with the land". A selection of works from different series that want to dialogue with the landscapes of the vineyards and integrate into them. "It's a life cycle journey that begins with a large-format work that refers to a birth, in this case of my second son, Martí, that emerges from a large amphora - which could be wine or oil -, and does so with a great burst of colors that extend on the canvas: "The book of the air" ("Life" of 180x30 cms) - Joanpere Massana.
Large-format works on paper follow in the same "Espai Saó" with these vital connotations in dialogue with nature: "Demasiado tiempo para entender" (95 x 195 cm.), With ambiguous plant iconocities that have references, as in the work previous, to the passage of time, chance, luck, .... the game of life. Or others such as "Being contradictory", a work on paper, also large format (130x130 cm) that was conceived in 2015 but ended in 2019 making clear references to the evolution of the life cycle as space, time and place where the beings of the earth are born, live and die.
This speech is complemented by assemblies from the series "The Book of Flowers", which make clear reference to the materials used (usually scrap: old wood found, old disused wooden toys, time scars, etc.) to the idea of 'ephemeral: "Flowers of a day, week ... contained beauty ... Wanting to give back life and reflection to elements, objects and forms that had already finished their cycle". - Joanpere Massana.

Usually these assemblies are called "Flowers", and want to be planted on a horizontal support, made of corten iron, which occupies almost the entire left space of the space. (See Images). They are objects, forms, sculptures with two and three-dimensional will, and where the polychromy, the incisions, the writings and reflections on themselves have a tautological will.

The "Trees" are other works, these with a clear three-dimensional vocation, which want to dialogue with the internal and external space of the room. Thus, some of them are presented in the window at the end of the room. Integrating and confusing with the landscape that can be seen through it.

The space at the entrance to the winery, wants to be a small taste of what will be seen later in the space Saó, which we referred to so far. Works on paper from the "Book of Flowers", assemblies and one of the last works in the latest series entitled: "The book of silences ... and noises". The work entitled: "I would like to make you a cloud with a nest", is a poetic proposal about reflection and stopping on the way to taste the little big things we have around us.